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VISCO-FOAM,S.L. is a company dedicated to Pillow and Viscolastic product manufacturing with experience and expertise in bedding’s.

We are a company in constant evolution adapting new materials and new technologies to achieve maximum quality products to meet current market needs.

We have the latest technology in equipment in order to achieve the highest quality in manufacturing our products.

We offer our customers a service of finished covers with innovative fabrics, and customized packaging.

Highly qualified and professional staff ensures a perfect manufacturing process and quality control. Comply with all safety standards and certification of the European Union.

All our products have the OEKOTEK certification guarantees that none of our products contain harmful substances.

The Viscoelastic polyurethane foam is a high density, which takes the form and saves the body shape. Applied to the pillow, makes the cervical area and sit naturally pleasant way.


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visco foam
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